Welcome to the PCSS!

December 2021 Newsletter is linked below! We are looking forward to celebrating the holidays at our annual holiday party!

Here is the link to the RSVP and sign-up form : Philadelphia Cactus & Succulent Society: 2021 PCSS Holiday Party (signupgenius.com)

COVID-19 policy: Unvaccinated people are strongly urged not to attend. Masks are required in some part of the Swedish Museum. The space where we will be gathering is large enough for social distancing to some degree.

We now have the ability to take payments for annual membership dues here on the website. Feel free to click the link over there in the right column to pay via credit/debit card, paypal or other online payment system via Square.

note: The MEMBERS mailing list issues have been identified as being an issue with Yahoo/AOL and some other mail hosts not allowing emails from the mailing list software through their spam filters. If you have an address from Yahoo/AOL or Verizon try creating a “rule” that let’s emails from the philacactus.org domain through to your email in box. Do continue to check here on a regular basis for all important news relative to meetings and events. Thanks!

Here is the December 2021 Newsletter.

The Philadelphia Cactus and Succulent Society was founded in 1942. Its purpose is to exchange knowledge of and experience with succulents among its members. This includes their study, culture, propagation, growing, and collection. Membership is open to anyone with an interest in growing and learning more about succulents. There are more than 100 members at all levels of expertise – beginners and experts, collectors and growers.

PCSS is a member of The Cactus and Succulent Society of America, an international organization dedicated to education, protection and preservation of some of nature’s most unique creations.

At each meeting in addition to a brief business meeting, we have a speaker or interesting activity, members donate plants which are then raffled off, a small table for selling items is available, and a “Plant of the Month” competition with judging and critique. 

Please see our calendar for links and meeting dates throughout the year.