Welcome to the PCSS!

Here is a link to the June 2024 newsletter.

MEMBERS: Remember that August 3 is Bob Sparrow’s annual picnic at his farm at 527 Fulmer Rd in Nazareth, PA. It starts at 10AM and is open to club members. We will conduct an auction of plants and there will be snacks. Please RSVP here. See the newsletter above for more info.

We have added Plant-of-the-Month competition scores to the POTM page here on the website.

Our 2024 meetings will be held at Cathedral Village. Check the calendar for the 2024 dates. We will start to gather and socialize at 11AM with the meetings beginning at 12PM. Do arrive before 12PM if you are planning on competing in the Plant-of-the-Month competition.

Cathedral Village is supplying coffee and water service so do bring some snacks for sharing!

Click here to view the Hoya Care Guide, and the Hoya Varieties documents from the March 2024 meeting.

Here is a link to the document that was used in the Buying Online lecture from 11/12/23,

Aztecium Ritterii quadruple flower from the garden of Jeff Sedwin. Awesome!

Starting in January of 2024 PCSS will be holding its monthly meetings at Cathedral Village. This location allows for an easier walk between the parking lot and the meeting space and has a better stage setup for presentations.

The calendar has been updated with the 2024 dates and meeting topics.

Jeff’s beautiful entry in September’s Large Caudiciform category.

We now have the ability to take payments for annual membership dues here on the website. Feel free to click the link over there in the right column to pay via credit/debit card, or other online payment system via Square.

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Please continue to check here on a regular basis for all important news about meetings and events. Thanks!